Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fight for Tribal Gathering Rights on California's Coast

Call to Action!

Wednesday July 21st 2010 - Fort Bragg, CA

The Coastal Justice Coalition (CJC), a branch of the Klamath Justice Coalition, is an activist group comprised of tribal people and interested community members concerned with social /environmental issues along the Pacific coast.

The CJC is very concerned with the impacts that the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) has on tribal gathering along the Pacific coast. Some tribal members have taken the position that regardless of the outcome of the MLPA process they will continue to gather, a position that the CJC fully supports and encourages.

The MLPA, in our view, is another attack on tribal rights and sovereignty. Therefore, we feel we must defend our rights and our lands through non-violent direct action. The MLPA process completely disregards tribal gathering rights and only permits discussion of commercial and recreational harvest. Our voice has not been heard; therefore, we feel we must stand and make our message be heard.

The next Blue Ribbon Task Force meeting is where we take our stand. If your way of life is being targeted for MLPA restrictions, meet us at *11:30 AM at the corner of Oak and Main St. in Fort Bragg on Wednesday, July 21st,* to protest. We are joining forces with other non-tribal groups that are also being affected and feel it is an injustice to stop tribal gathering. This is an attack that has already affected too many tribal people. To show solidarity, blue t-shirts will be handed out to be worn during the protest. There will be an action for those who want to express a stronger message.

Limited transportation is available from the Humboldt-Del Norte area. For more information please contact Frankie Myers at (707) 951-5052.

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